About Us
Hello, and welcome to our site!

We are Martha & Frank Hartley.  We live in a small town outside of Akron Ohio.  Being high school
sweethearts, we will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this November. We are the proud parents of
two great kids.  Frank & I both grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio in 1987.  We have always
had dogs in our lives, but it wasn't until my sons senior year in high school that we decided to get a
mastiff.  I had just lost my girl, Sadie, a white shepherd/akita mix to cancer. I did a LITTLE research
on the best type of dog for our lifestyle and the Mastiff was one of the candidates, beating out the St.
Bernard and Newfie. ( I believe amount of dog hair was deciding factor. LOL)

We aquired our first mastiff, Samson, in December 2002.  I am the first to admit, we did NOT do the
proper research before we got him. Luckily, he has been a picture of good health with an excellent
temperament to boot!  But since then, and because of him, we have studied and researched and are
constantly gaining new knowledge on this wonderful breed of dog.  We dont look at getting Samson as
a mistake, but more of a learning experience.  We take all 'mistakes' made from day one, use what we
have learned from it, and apply it to our next actions.

We would consider ourselves to be 'hobby breeders', as only a few breedings will take place and those
will be carefully planned breedings.
We will only breed dogs that have been health tested, with excellent temperaments and keeping in mind
that 'bettering the breed' should be our main concern.

Well, that's us in a nutshell!  If you have any questions about our dogs, or just like to talk mastiff, drop
me a line.  Would love to hear from you!!

Thanks for stopping by and dont forget to sign my guestbook located on the home page!!