Machrees Double Dutch Bus Gus
This is Gus, our keeper from our Samson & Misty breeding.  Gus has one of the
best temperaments I have ever seen.  He is content to just lay in your lap
all day.  We didn't start to show Gus in conformation till after he turned
two years old, so to date he has only been in a handfull of shows.  While Gus
has an awesome head, great pigment,excellent muscle,huge bone,nice
conformation and good movement, I feel he still lacks a little in substance.  
I'm hoping that with age he will continue to fill out. While I would love to
have a whole litter of baby Guses (with more substance of course) I have no
plans to breed him as his pedigree is too varied to know what he will produce.
DOB: 12-03-2005
Gus @ eight years old