Rainbow Bridge
This is our girl
Katie.  Although not a
mastiff, she did have
the heart of one.
She was the mother and
teacher (and occasional
drool towel) around
here for when the
mastiffs arrived.  She
certainly made our jobs
easier.  Katie was a
very important part of
our family.  We lost
her, at the age of
nine, quite rapidly
from kidney failure.  
She will always be in
our hearts!
This is my girl, Sadie.  She was ALWAYS by my side. She
was my best friend, my confidant, and she owned my
heart.  She is pictured here at 8 years old.  Sadly I
lost my girl just before her 10th birthday to mammary
cancer. I miss her so much, my heart aches when I see
pics of her and I still get teary eyed when I think of
Our beautiful girl
Misty left us
suddenly on
1/12/08.  This girl
was so precious to
me and I will be
forever thankful
that she came into
my life.  Click on
her picture to go
to her home page.  
Till we meet again
Mitty Mama....
We lost our sweet
Emma on 4/26/12.
Just shy of her 8th
birthday. While
loved and missed by
all of us, she was
especially dear to
our daughter,
Alyssa. You will
forever be in our
hearts MaeMae.
Click her picture to view
her homepage.
Our wonderful boy  
Samson passed away on
November 21, 2012.
Our lives have forever
been changed by him and
for him. We love and
miss you Sammy.

click his picture to view his home page
Our beautiful girl Flo,
who reigned as our
Queen for ten short
years passed away on
November 16, 2016. We
miss you Love!

click her picture to view her home
Handsome Gus. I dont
believe there was ever
a more gentle and
loving boy than you.
Always on our mind and
forever in our hearts.
We miss you so!!!

Gus passed away on
December 9, 2015.

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My beautiful Mama Goose. I don't know how I'm getting
through most days without you by my side. You were truly
my best friend. You have made such difficult times
bearable and I will forever be grateful for your
unconditional love and your wagging tail.

We had to say goodbye to Lucy on November 3, 2015

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